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Daily Drum Drills



This book is the perfect tool for drummers at all level who want to develop their understanding of drum chops. This could be achieved from day one to a year with basic understanding of music theory and at the same time apply what they have learnt around the drum kit in a well-structured manner, with one rhythm being introduced daily and applied 12 different ways.

An advantage of this book is the ability to expand a basic idea into 12 exercises with unlimited dynamic changes, which will develop different techniques indirectly or directly if the drummer has a particular technique in mind to develop.

Overall, speed, posture, dexterity, dynamics and sense of timing will be greatly improved. This book will assist all drummers to have a method to learn and develop techniques on the drums in a systematic way; so practice can be better structured and efficient. If you struggle to figure out what to practice on the drums daily, Daily Drum Drills is the answer.

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