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Drum Tabs and Numbers



Our book “Modern Application of drum Rudiments with Drum Tabs and Number” is one of many treasured lesson materials we leverage to make our students have a better understanding of how the modern Drum practice works. This material (book) serves as a perfect tool for prospective professional drummers at all levels who want to develop their understanding of drum instrument. This could be achieved within an ample time frame without going through that rigorous process of learning how to read music, rather they will effect their accumulated knowledge in drum rudiment in a well-structured manner, with one rudiment being introduced per week. One of the major advantages of this book is its ability to diversify basic idea into composite exercises with unlimited dynamic changes, which develops different techniques in cases where the drummer has a particular technique in mind to develop. Meaning that this particular material has the ability to offer a complex dynamic explanation of the drummer’s unique technique. Yap! That’s the extent of our professional commitment. To further specify the content of this material, below are a clip of what to expect in the book:

  • Speed – this is essential in drumming, with the right amount of speed applied, the drummer should be able to make out some corresponding sounds that bring out the rave in every song, creating an irresistible music at the end.
  • Posture – in drumming posture matters, the way you lean has a direct effect on the sound outcome. Whereas a good drumming posture does not require one to lean.
  • Dexterity – now that’s the most interesting one. Every new drummer wants to be that guy who does magic with his drumsticks, forgetting that every great performance requires great practice and of course great teacher. In this book, some really acrobatic tips are well detailed and simplified for an average prospective professional drummer. In the end, you will be able to make effective use of both left and right or legs or hands effortlessly.
  • Dynamics – one of the uniqueness of art of drumming is its none rigid nature; an ability to offer numerous amount of options. It affords the drummer to choose from an already existing method (style), create his own method and as well modify an already an existing style. In simple terms, the book just like drumming its self-provides a volume range of methods for any drummer to experiment upon.
  • Timing – timing in drumming is the ability to play in time with the pulse of the music. It has to do with the drummer’s coordination of his own limbs. Timing is an essential element of modern drumming for both live and recorded music. It is important to develop a unique sense of timing, because the drummer is an important figure in any musical performance, so it is very necessary for any prospective drummer to improve greatly in his/her sense of timing will be because the success of the whole musical craw depends on it. In this book, every drummer has got a method to learn to improve his timing.
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